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Frequently asked questions about the goods marking system


Personal Account is the service used to interact with the Belarusian national goods marking system, SIS “Electronic Mark”, based on 1C:Enterprise 8.3, built by Thin Client – Server design.

Evident advantages of the service:

  • Compatibility with various scanner and printer types
  • Packet sending of HTTP requests to the Electronic Mark system
  • Simultaneous access of multiple users (companies) to the same database
  • Verification of code correspondence to a product group
  • Control of remaining codes in the course of shipment
  • Automatic generation of identification means, i.e. marking code conversion into GS1 DataMatrix 2D barcode to be printed on a label
  • Integrated label editor to design and use customised label templates
  • Different label templates for various product groups
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Service functionality:

  • Automatic user authentication and authorisation in the Electronic Mark system
  • Secure HTTPS connection to the Electronic Mark Web service
  • Local goods (GTIN) catalogue
  • Retrieving of detailed data on goods GTINs and marking codes from the Electronic Mark system
  • Local counterparty catalogue synchronised with the Electronic Mark system by GLN and taxpayer numbers
  • Marking code/identification means ordering and tracking
  • Designing labels with identification means (GS1 DataMatrix 2D barcodes)
  • Printing labels with identification means using either thermal printers (including label printers supporting ZPL, EPL, DPL) or A3, A4 or A5 inkjet/laser printers. Compatible printers: Proton (all models), zebra (all models), Datamax – O’Neil (all models), Toshiba – TEC (all models), Honeywell (all models), TSC (all models), Godex (all models), Citizen (all models)
  • Reporting actual goods labelling to the Electronic Mark system
  • Marked goods shipment registration with data reporting to the Electronic Mark system
  • Current status review for orders, labelling reports, shipments
  • Leftovers inventory data reporting, leftovers marking