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Resolution No. 113 dated October 29, 2021 of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission “On the introduction of packaged water marking with means of identification” (Resolution No. 113) stipulates that the Eurasian Economic Union member states shall independently define the date and procedure to introduce packaged water marking within their borders in accordance with this Resolution, and shall notify the Eurasian Economic Commission of such date. Provided that, the turnover of non-marked carbonated or not carbonated natural mineral drinking waters (HS codes 2201 10 110 0, 2201 10 190 0) may not be restricted before December 1, 2021, and turnover of other carbonated or not carbonated mineral drinking waters (HS code 2201 10 900 0) and other carbonated or not carbonated drinking waters (HS code 2201 90 000 0) may not be restricted before March 1, 2022.

According to Resolution No. 113, the packaged waters exported to Russia shall be marked with Russian codes until marking becomes mandatory in Belarus.

Packaged waters under the following EAEU HS Codes are subject to marking with identification means currently: 2201 10 110 0, 2201 10 190 0.

Belblankavyd Printing House provides and ensures:

  • Registering of Belarusian businesses in SIS “Electronic Mark”
  • Keeping of the goods catalogue (register of marked products)
  • Goods marking code generation
  • Communication and data exchange with national goods marking information systems of the EAEU member states
  • Recording of goods turnover stages according to the marked product group:
    • Introduction into turnover (production, import, leftovers labelling, etc.)
    • Transfer (change of ownership)
    • Withdrawal from the market (exporting (transborder trade), retail sales, discarding)
  • Producing of protected physical media, means of identification on protected physical media, protection marks
  • Recording of circulation of marking codes, means of identification on protected physical media, protection marks (sale, return, transfer, discarding, etc.)
  • Other functions and services as provided for by regulations, system membership agreements, agreements with authorised bodies
GS1 DataMatrix

The Data Matrix code consists of two parts: an ID code and a verification code (aka crypto-tail). Appearance of duplicated goods on the Belarusian market is prevented by marking code status change in SIS “Electronic Mark” upon the change of ownership of the marked goods

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