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Visual Components: Visual Components is a modular software package which combines easy 3D model building for production areas, facilities and sites, visualisation of results, consideration of the actual performance of the available equipment and key personnel, effective statistical analysis methods for industrial processes and, of course, a flexible reporting tool.

Digital Twin is a virtual representation of industrial processes for subsequent optimisation. It unites the virtual and real environments to maximise production efficiency and to introduce innovations.

  • Savushkin Product JSC: digital twin based automation project for a soft cheese and curd production facility
  • Savushkin Product JSC: automation project for a computer-aided warehouse
  • JV Santa Bremor, LLC: detailed design, development, production and supply of a trial ice cream cartoning robotic system with product aggregation capability
  • State Enterprise “Mozyr Dairy Products”: process automation development and modelling for a bulk butter production facility and curd (bulk, packaged) production facility with industrial product labelling capability as provided for by Chestny ZNAK and Electronic Mark systems (pre-investment stage).
  • etc.


To introduce automation to Belarusian enterprises, our laboratory focuses on a new promising technology – collaborative robots.

Not so long ago robots were considered fit for laboratory environment only, not for industrial sites. But flexible configuration and minimum integration costs have overcome the mind barrier, and now such robots are applicable worldwide in consumer-goods and food industry, even in the automotive sector traditionally dominated by classic robots.

  • Savushkin Product JSC: bar-shaped cheese packaging robotic system consisting of 4 robots with integrated industrial marking system; collaborative palletisers to palletise curd, cheese, chocolate glazed curd bars, etc.
  • JV Santa Bremor, LLC: ice cream cartoning robotic system with product aggregation capability
  • Rozum Robotics, LLC: training facility based on Rozum PULSE robotic arm
  • Bel Di-Star, LLC: robotic system for grinding plate production
  • etc.


Goods marking is a large-scale project intended to ensure transparency of the national economy. The marking guarantees to the customer that the product is authentic, and protects the EAEU market from low-quality goods. The manufacturer/importer labels every product item with a unique DataMatrix code which confirms product authenticity when scanned. And the government can trace the whole product way from production to the end user.

Implementation of such a grand system requires all the market actors to upgrade their hardware. A wise upgrade based on process modelling and decision-making optimisation can significantly reduce cost. Brest State Technical University professionals can survey and model production facilities, design a technical solution and verify the solution on their own equipment.

  • TPKUP “Minsk Refrigeration Plant No. 2”: process automation design and modelling for ОЛ2-В wafer cup ice-cream line and RIA-8 popsicle ice-cream line with industrial marking capability as provided for by Chestny ZNAK and Electronic Mark systems
  • FORJET, LLC: test printing to assess performance of marking and labelling equipment provided by the Customer for conformity to requirements for dynamic DataMatrix code application to various kinds of packaging
  • Brestskoe Morozhenoe JSC: design and commissioning of an industrial marking system for an ice-cream cupping line
  • etc.


Zero-defect production with the use of machine vision is the future of today’s industry. Our laboratory invents machine vision based production process control systems. We have designed industrial image processing systems to control production processes by code reading or product optical position and quality control during manufacturing.

Our professionals can optimise your processes, prevent faults, or more clearly visualise object motion sequences to maintain high quality of your products.

  • Machine-Building Enterprise KOMPO, LLC: development of a machine vision based scalable industrial system for aluminium clip measurement
  • Savushkin Product JSC: development and simulation modelling of an integrated palletisation and automatic transportation system for classic curd based on collaborative mobile robots, etc.
  • 3D object scanning with EinScan Pro
  • etc.


We have a team dedicated to additive technologies that can implement prototyping projects based on FDM 3D printing. Our professionals can design a digital model of your product, make it ready for printing, and print it in order to assess properties and specifications.

  • Available equipment: BQ Hephestos, Ultimaker 5S
  • Gripping mechanisms for packaging and palletising projects, structural machine parts with unique properties


The laboratory develops customised software to solve applied tasks.

  • Food industry marking code aggregation software
  • Plugins for a UR robot (TowerLight plugin, statistics plugin, interface plugin)
  • Germiona Telegram bot for robotic system monitoring
  • Virtual robot battle system under RobotWars rules


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