How to store and transport shoes returned by the customer with absent or damaged identification means?

Follow steps 1 through 9 of the Guidelines for storage, transportation and distribution of goods subject to labelling with control marks or identification means, approved by Resolution of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus No. 17 dated 03.05.2021 (the Guidelines).

Step 1. Accept the shoes.

Step 2. Issue a confirmation document – Unmarked Goods Acceptance Certificate (see the form in the Guidelines) (the Certificate). The Certificate must be signed by the seller and the buyer (or their representatives) and have available documents enclosed (sales receipt or other purchase confirmation documents, copy of the sale agreement, etc.).

Step 3. The day the Certificate is issued transport the shoes to the storage place together with the Certificate and hard-copy (optionally – electronic) waybill.

Step 4. Store the unmarked shoes together with the Certificate, separated from other goods.

Step 5. Order a marking code in the Electronic Mark system. Label the shoes.

Step 6. Now the shoes may be offered for sale.